What Sort Of Man Is This?

“What sort of man is this, that even wind and seas obey Him?” (Matt 8:27)

No topography makes me think of Jesus quite like the beach.

So much of what he did in the flesh and before His incarnation took place on or around bodies of water and shorelines. The Sermon on the Mount, the feeding of the five thousand, and his restoration of Peter in John 21 – all took place as waves lapped or crashed against the shore. And this was not the first time His command set the specifics of the environment in which we live. In Proverbs 8:29 we read that God set the boundary of the sea that it might not transgress His command.

Indeed, wind and seas obey Him. He governs and rules all of creation.

If this was already so, then why did Jesus Christ come down to us? To extend his rule to our hearts. As the law came through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Christ came to make His rule towards His people governed by the rules of grace and truth.

In Christ, with more complete revelation coming to us through Him, we rightly see God’s power, sovereignty, and providence. We see it rightly because, this side of the cross, we see according to His gracious purposes. He’s bringing creation to the apex of His glory in Christ: His grace. As in all growth, there is pain. In fact, the creation is groaning for the completion of that grace and truth that came through Him.

Romans  8:19-22 “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.”

What comes to mind and heart as I see and hear the continual crashing of the waves is not only Christ’s great power, but what is the immeasurable greatness of His power toward us who believe (Ephesians 1:9). The groanings of the crashing waves remind me that He came to establish a rule that includes abundant life for His people (John 10:10). As the waves of creation groan, so too do we groan as we await the consummation of our new lives in Christ.

The current state of creation will not do for His glory nor for our good. The waves never cease to crash so we would know that the riches of His grace have been lavished on us with all wisdom and insight (Ephesians 1:8). Let us obey His grace like the crashing waves, and be faithful as He is by groaning for the fullness of His grace and truth.

“And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.”

Romans 8:23

–Eric Rodgers
Former member of C3

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