C3: From the Blog

Delighting in Christ, Declaring His glory

Praying To Walk In The Way Everlasting

“We were created for communion, to be in relationship with God and one another. That is what it means to be human. And if that relationship is essential in what it means to be human, then to live without that restored relationship with God is to somehow forget our humanity.”

Content or contempt?

Even when we have everything we need, we will still find a way to complain, to find something we don’t agree with, something we think is wrong. We elevate our wants and claim they’re things we need.

A Lesson In Trust

For this season, I need to trust that God will cause me to bloom where I am planted; and part of that trust includes putting down roots–whether it be a painting on the wall or pictures of friends and family placed for all to see. God’s expectation is not that I would be here and serve people, with one foot out the door.

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